Terminal box unit

Terminal box unit, open skid version

  • Common steel base frame for diesel engine and alternator. Engine and alternator housings rigidly connected with bell housingElastic mounting between engine/alternator block and base frame
  •  Cabling of engine and control electrical system to terminal strip
  •  Electric cooling water preheating ready mounted on the engine
  •  Oil sump drain pump, set mounted
  • Documentation polyglot
  • Works test run *


Terminal box unit, sound proofed version


Like terminal box unit, added:

  • Fuel service tank inside base frame with accessories
  • Exhaust gas piping, compensator and silencer with insulation integrated in the housing
  • Sound proofed canopy with big sized maintenance doors
  • Silencer for air inlet and air outlet with weather protection louvers
  • Works test run *


*) Works test run

 Standard works test run, comprising:

  • Visual checks
  • Check of safety equipment
  • Functional check
  • Load test run with 25, 50, 75, 100 and 110% load
  • Test protocol