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Mobil-Strom GmbH is specialised in the production and trading of power generators, power plants,

Tower lights, used generating sets and spare parts.


Based on our long years of experience, we are able to offer the appropriate power generators:


  • Emergency power supply
  • Peak load power supply
  • Continuous operation


In cooperation with our partners we construct complete plants in building, in containers also in

Concrete cover turnkey.


We deliver standard generating sets with open skid version or with sound proofed canopy also

We mounted like your specification.


Our choice of products:


 -       Terminal box unit

 -       Terminal box unit with sound proofed canopy

 -       Compact unit

 -       Compact unit with sound proofed canopy

 -       Generating sets containerized

 -       Generating sets in concrete cover

 -       Power plant


The generating sets we deliver in the range from 2.5 to 2,600 kVA.



Renowned manufacturers are preferred for the driving engine, alternator and accessories.



Have a look at our references !